Welcome to Basma

Basma Center for Special Education is a great place for students and young people with challenges of progress. It was opened in September 2017. To provide high quality rehabilitation and professional services for students with special needs to reach their full potential and value. We are committed to taking every student forward in the journey of rehabilitation and independence. Our center’s slogan is “proud to teach everyone” that inspires us to support students with the academic, social and independence skills necessary to adapt to a constantly changing world regardless of their challenges. There is a need to have a much greater focus on what the child can do rather than what he cannot do.

  • Early Years
  • Academic
  • Specialist Tution
  • Play & Learn

At Basma Center, every student is unique and different in their own way. Through play, study, Think, fun with creative approach, each has the best opportunity to develop and grow uniquely

Early Intervention

Children learn most of their early concepts through play and ‘trial and error’.Child can learn to make sense of the world around them through playing

Vocational Training

It’s a curriculum-based program, mostly for the students with learning difficulties.

Special Education learning

Individual learning support program for each student looking into student’s strengths


Supports motor areas and for the treatment of Lin or stiffness of muscles and joint pain and muscle strengthening

Speech Therapy

We offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment for speech and language disorders for children and adolescents who may have delayed or disordered speech and/or language, phonological difficulties, oral‐motor difficulties and other communication difficulties. We use standardized assessments.to evaluate speech and language skills and prepare goals for each child’s program

Mental Disability

Everyone works on an individual plan, where each student’s strengths are identified and employed to improve their abilities to be an active person in the community “


A specialised program for children & Adults who have Autism


Learning difficulties and Curriculum specialist

Learning difficulties specialist

Vision Impairment Specialist

Autism and Functional Behavior Specialist

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the efficiency of rehabilitation for people with special needs and learning difficulties through the development of appropriate educational programs and the development of comprehensive and individual programs that develop various mental and equip them with skills and knowledge appropriate to their abilities and achieve independence and self-reliance

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the pioneer in the development of programs and rehabilitation mechanisms suitable for people with special needs to raise the level of their skills on the basis well known global standards.