Basma Center is a great place for students and young people with various challenges to flourish & Grow. We are committed to taking each student one step further in the journey of learning and independence. Our motto “Proud to Teach All” inspires us to support students with the necessary academic and social skills to adapt to an ever changing world regardless of their challenges!

"Sections Provided at Basma Center for Special Education"

Early Years

Children learn most of their early concepts through play and ‘trial and error’.


It’s a curriculum-based program, mostly for the students with learning difficulties.

Specialist Tuition

Individual learning support program for each student looking into student’s strengths 

Play & Learn

  child can learn to make sense of the world around them through playing

Blind / Vision Impaired

Designed with the needs of children and adults with severe physical and cognitive challenges.

Speech & Language

Includes  assessment, program development and treatment of your child’s communication needs


a specialised program for children & Adults who have Autism 

Our Staffs & Teachers


Our Dedicated Staff members are deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our students in a truly international environment.Our experienced teachers and therapists provide purposeful and engaging learning activities which cater for our students.
Meet Our Teachers & Staffs!!

Learning difficulties and Curriculum specialist

Learning difficulties specialist

Vision Impairment Specialist

Autism and Functional Behavior Specialist

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