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Dear Families, Community Members and Visitors,

Welcome to BASMA! I hope the information on this website will assist in you in learning more about us, our services & the activities which take place at our center also including examples of student work, dates of upcoming events, and other general information.

Basma Centre is a great place for students and young people with various challenges to flourish. We are committed to taking each student one step further in the journey of learning and independence. Our motto is “Proud to Teach All” which will inspires us to support students with the necessary academic and social skills to adapt to an ever changing world regardless of their challenges!

Our dedicated staff members are deeply committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our students in a truly international environment. Our experienced teachers and therapists provide purposeful and engaging learning activities which cater for our students the expected behaviors, rather than reacting negatively after an inappropriate behavior is displayed. Our therapy support team provides individualized programs for students experiencing various sensory, communication, behavior and/or learning challenges and coordinates various activities to meet individual needs of students.

"We strongly believe that parent partnership is an essential part of our programs".
Parents will have opportunities to receive training through therapy sessions and become involved in individualized program planning.

As you explore through our site, you will find that students have wide ranging opportunities to explore and develop individual passions from certified training for cooking to swimming or Robotics, hand craft, Edu-Games, Arts, activities to name a few. For our students who are unable to be mainstreamed into regular schools at an early age, we train them with the basic competency and functional skills to be able to be mainstreamed into vocational settings.

You will also find that, the individual learning, support and activity programs developed by our team assists in providing opportunities for future work placements.

We dedicate ourselves to advocate for our students’ rights and create awareness in our attempts to help build a society that will allow them to learn, to grow, to achieve, and be respected as members of our community.

It is a continuing privilege to be a part of Basma Centre and contribute to equal opportunities and community awareness


What We Dream To Achieve!


Our Vision is to be the pioneer in the development of programs and rehabilitation mechanisms suitable for people with special needs to raise the level of their skills on the basis well known global standards.

Our mission is to raise the efficiency of rehabilitation for people with special needs and learning difficulties through the development of appropriate educational programs and the development of comprehensive and individual programs that develop various mental and equip them with skills and knowledge appropriate to their abilities and achieve independence and self-reliance

- To meet the needs of children, while recognizing the individuality and uniqueness of every child we serve.
- To provide education and therapy to children and young adults with special needs, in a safe environment that
nurtures their growth, inspire achievements and maximizes their potential.
- Work on special and high advance program to train and finding job opportunities for the targeted groups in
society that match their potential and abilities.


Our Values


Our program focuses on the realization of personal potential by integrating academic growth, social/emotional development, functional life skills, and vocational training. We create a community environment that fosters a sense of belonging. Students, faculty and families are committed to the stewardship of a learning environment with these core values:

• All people are respected and valued
• Every student can learn
• Competence, compassion, support and safety are essential
• Time and talent are given generously in the service of others




Within the limits of the laws in force in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Basma center shall endeavor to achieve the following objectives:

We Care For Your Child